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Fire Text Effect

fire text effect


• Facebook cover desing

• Using original shadow

• Gradient tool vs gradient map

• How to Extract Messy Hair

• Dodge and Burn Action

• Layer Mask (Why use it?)

• How to Blend 2 Images Together

Emotional sorceress manipulation

emotional sorceress

In this tutorial im going to show you how to make an Emotional Sorceress Manipulation using, stock images, blend modes, brightness and contrast adjustment, hue and saturation, color balance, gradient maps, brush settings and fx settings...

3d Effect in Photoshop

3d effect

In this Photoshop video you are going to learn how to make a 3d effect or out of bound effect using the rectangular marquee tool, perspective selection, layer mask, stroke, pen tool, gradient tool and also you are going to learn how to make a bubble brush and how to save it to your brushes set...

Atlas Woman manipulation

atlas woman manipulation

In this Photoshop video we are going to make an Atlas Woman Manipulation using stock images, the pen tool, the puppet wrap, vibrance adjustment, some layers, gradient map, and color balance....

Fire woman effect in photoshop

fire woman effect

In this Photoshop video im going to show you how to make a fire effect in a person using stock fire images, desaturation, levels, brightness and contrast, invert, channel layers, colors, fx, blend modes and some imagination..

Convert any photo to sketch

convert any photo to sketch

Learn how to convert any photo into sketch using layers, invertion, blur, blend modes and more.

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