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Fire Text Effect

fire text effect


• Facebook cover desing

• Using original shadow

• Gradient tool vs gradient map

• How to Extract Messy Hair

• Dodge and Burn Action

• Layer Mask (Why use it?)

• How to Blend 2 Images Together

Catwoman manipulation

catwoman manipulation

Learn how to make a Catwoman Manipulation in Photoshop using stock images, blur filter, vibrance, hue and saturation, brightness and contrast, levels, curves, blend modes, color balance, unsharp mask, clouds, high pass, color efex pro 4 plug in and high pass effect.

Convert Black and white to color

convert black and white to color

Learn how to Convert a Black and White image to Color in Photoshop using color balance adjustment, photo filter, selective color, brush colors, blend modes and dodge and burn tool..

Simple Portrait in Photoshop

simple portrait in photoshop

In this video im going to show you how to make a Simple Manipulation in Photoshop by using stock images, blur filter, hue and saturation, color balance, gradient map, gradient tool, dodge and burn tool, and a little imagination..

Ghost Effect Manipulation

ghost effect manipulation

In this video you are going to Learn how to make a ghost or Astral projection Effect in Photoshop using stock images, gaussian blur filter, hue and saturation, dodge and burn tool, liquify filter, smoke brushes, cloud layers, blend modes, gradient map and unsharp mask filter...

Dark and mysterious portrait

dark and mysterious portrait

Have you seen those Animes from Japan? well today we are going to make one. We are going to use a Stock Woman and transform her face to make it as a Anime. In this Video tutorial you are going to be able to make an Anime Effect using a persons face, and Photoshop, the tools we are going to use are: the Liquify Filter, the brush, some colors and blend modes. hope you enjoy and have fun.

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