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Fire Text Effect

fire text effect


• Facebook cover desing

• Using original shadow

• Gradient tool vs gradient map

• How to Extract Messy Hair

• Dodge and Burn Action

• Layer Mask (Why use it?)

• How to Blend 2 Images Together

Transparent egg effect

transparent egg effect

Learn how to make a Tranparent Egg Effect in Photoshop using stock images, as a bubble and the yolk of an egg, we are going to transform it using the warp tool, blend modes and opacity. have fun and hope you learn something new in this video..

Robot Effect in Photoshop

robot effect in photoshop

Learn how to make cyborg Man / Robot Effect in Photoshop using the Pen Tool, levels, curves, saturation, color balance, simulate pressure, Fx, drop shadow, inner shadow, filter gallery, blend modes and gradient tool.. .

Autumn Goddess Portrait

autumn goddess portrait

Learn how to make this awesome Autumn Goddess Portrait using stock images, color balance, curves, saturation, gradient map, brush settings, blur, gradient overlay, drop shadow, dodge and burn layer and tool, high pass, blend modes and variations..

Restless Demons Manipulation

restless demons manipulation

Learn how to make a Restless Demons Manipulation in Photoshop using stock images, desaturation, levels, brightness and contrast, layers, and layer mask, blend modes, clipping mask, dodge and burn tool, gradient map, curves, color balance, unsharp mask, and color efex pro 4 plugin for Photoshop..

Angel on a Cliff Manipulation

angel on a cliff

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to make an Angel on a Cliff manipulation using stock images, crop tool, blur filter, color balance, gradient map, blend modes, hue and saturation, brush tool, dodge and burn tool, selective color, gradient tool, unsharp mask and high pass filter in Photoshop.

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