About me

Hi there. Welcome to my site. My name is Pedro J. I’m a self taught artist (I don’t consider myself an artist at all). Graphic design is one of my many passions.

I started  working with graphics, Photoshop basically, in 2010 when I found out the amazing thing you can do with it.

In 2012 I created a Youtube Channel to upload tutorials for you guys. I realized that if you want to make something good, you have to do it yourself. As you can see I don’t have that much experience but I learned from other tutorials and practicing.

Designing, making tutorials and all that kind of things requires an amazing amount of time, time which sometimes I don’t have.

Most of my designs are of my own creativity, and i make videos so you can get an idea how to do them and do it yourself. If you have found my videos helpful in any way a donation is highly appreciated. Please help me keep this site free. Thanks.

If you need/want any of my images in my Gallery feel free to send me a Email
and we can discuss further information.